Feed recipes for rabbits and chinchillas

Ingredients (per mille share of individual ingredients)
rabbits of short-haired breedswoolly breeds and chinchillas
Pregnant femalesNursing femalesRest periodYoung up to 6 monthsYoung up to 3 monthsOver 3 months
Straw (oats)1005017010050120
Soybean meal 47%901403010012080
Rapeseed – extraction meal30404030
Wheat bran (9% fiber)10010010010010080
Rapeseed oil2010
Grasses (dried)100150100150150120
Fodder chalk13203,518813,2
DOLMIX KR 1%10106101010
Mixture parameters
Metabolic energy MJ/Kg9,3610,228,729,42109,5
Lysine (g/kg)7,48,355,757,77,956,8
Methionine + Cystine (g/kg)5,336,064,66,36,826,58
Tryptophan (g/kg)1,952,11,621,9521,76
Threonine (g/kg)5,796,434,776,176,255,55
Crude protein (g/kg)155,16169,67133161166149
Fiber (g/kg)118,2299145114100114
Calcium (g/kg)7,8310,44,029,9568
Phosphorus (g/kg)4,334,174,184,34,254,08
Sodium (g/kg)1,291,671,261,51,471,43
Vitamin A12000 jm12000 jm7200 jm12000 jm12000 jm12000 jm
Vitamin D32000 jm2000 jm1200 jm2000 jm2000 jm2000 jm
Vitamin E68 mg67 mg45 mg66 mg67 mg66 mg
Vitamin K1,5 mg1,5 mg0,9 mg1,5 mg1,5 mg1,5 mg
Vitamin B16,5 mg6,4 mg5,7 mg6 mg6,5 mg5,7 mg
Vitamin B28,7 mg9,4 mg6,3 mg9,3 mg9,4 mg8,7 mg
Vitamin B65,6 mg5,9 mg4,2 mg6 mg9,9 mg5,5 mg
Vitamin B1212 mcg12 mcg7,2 mcg12 mcg12 mcg12 mcg
Biotin195 mcg162 mcg180 mcg169 mcg161 mcg156 mcg
Choline1265 mg1138 mg1100 mg1219 mg1131 mg1122 mg
Crude fat30,2 g48 g31 g38 g29 g27 g