Mask Group 40@2x

Dolmix KR 4% K

Dolmix KR 4% K

Complementary mineral feed for
fur herbivores: rabbits, nutria, chinchillas with a natural factor inhibiting the life activity of bacteria, fungi and protozoa (also coccidia)


The product contains a full set of vitamins, micro- and macroelements as well as amino acids, which makes it a valuable addition to fodder. The use of Dolmix KR 4% K improves the condition, density and quality of the coat, prevents nutritional deficiencies, improves fertility and fertility, and increases the number of reared offspring.
The addition of K – a natural factor that inhibits the vital activity of bacteria, fungi and protozoa supports antibiotic therapy, improves feed conversion, increases growth, and provides natural antioxidants. No grace period required.

Instructions for use

The mixture is intended for fur herbivores
Serve: 4 kg per 100 kg of feed - 4%