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Dolmilk MD 3

Dolmilk MD 3

Milk replacer for calves over 5-6 weeks up to 3 months in traditional breeding


Dolmilk MD 3 is a formula for calves with easily digestible fat (produced using the most recent technology) which enables full absorption of metabolic energy without the risk of diarrhoea. Optimal amount of protein and amino acids (in 50% from milk products) improve gain of weight and good absorption of fodder. Components are adapted to the fast growth of calves in the 2nd period of breeding. Due to the unique covered flavours, it is willingly consumed by all animals.

Instructions for use

dissolve in water at 45o-50oC,
mix 3 minutes in the proportion: 1 kg of Dolmilk MD 3 + 10 liters of water, 
feeding temperature: 38o-42oC