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Dolmix Alpaca

Complementary feed for alpacas, lamas, camels

Additional Info

  • Properties: Properly selected ingredients of the mixture improve animal health, have a positive effect on the development and functioning of the body.
    The highest quality vitamins and minerals are characterized by excellent digestibility in the gastrointestinal tract. The use of chelated forms allows to achieve the highest degree of absorption of microelements, including zinc, which is so important for the skin and the quality of the fibre. Adequate levels of organic selenium and copper positively influence the reproductive system and immunity of the body, and the right proportions of calcium and phosphorus contribute to development of a strong and healthy bone system.
    Properly balanced components of the mixture will help keep the animals in perfect condition, increasing immunity, improving fertility and enhancing wool quality.
  • Instructions: 5 g of the mixture per 10 kg body weight/day
  • Content of a package: 1 kg, 10 kg