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Dolcell 1200

Dolcell 1200

Complementary mineral feed containing live yeast cultures


Dolcell 1200 contains live yeast cultures that exhibit high biological activity in the digestive tract of ruminants. They reduce the fluctuations in the pH of the rumen content and by reducing the oxygen concentration in it, they create conditions conducive to greater activity of the microflora. Dolcell 1200 prevents the excessive production of lactic acid, which in effect buffers the content of the rumen, improving the digestibility of the fiber.
In dairy cows, it increases the yield and improves dairy parameters (higher percentage of protein and fat). In beef cattle, it increases the daily weight gain. In calves, it causes the desired bacterial flora to multiply faster, which improves digestibility and accelerates the growth of animals. An additional advantage of the mixture is the content of natural B vitamins and amino acids.

Instructions for use

dairy cows: 50 g per head
beef cattle: 40 g per head
calves, heifers: 20 g per head
sheep, goats: 20 g per head