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The mission of our activity is to combine the capital of the owners with the knowledge of all employees in order to manufacture very good quality products in order to achieve customer satisfaction, which is the best assessment and the basis for satisfaction.

The aim of our activities in accordance with the principles of ISO 9001, ISO 22000, GMP+ and VLOG is above all to create a dynamic system of maintaining the high quality of our products and to base our customer service on the principle of permanent and partnership cooperation.

The priority is to create and maintain the image of the company identified with:
  • reliability and timeliness,
  • innovation,
  • support of scientific entities,
  • high quality and stability of manufactured products,
  • health safety,
  • readiness to continuously meet the needs, requirements and expectations of our customers
We understand that ensuring the health safety of products is essential for the health of consumers and for strengthening our position on the market. Therefore, by analysing risks, identifying and monitoring Critical Control Points and complying with legal requirements, we eliminate potential and actual health risks.

We intend to implement the company's policy by achieving the following strategic objectives:
  • constant concern for the quality and safety of products,
  • introduction of innovative solutions in the field of animal nutrition,
  • improvement of infrastructure assets,
  • strengthening the company’s position on the market,
  • improvement of work organisation and increase of pro-quality awareness of employees and continuous improvement of their qualifications
  • constant attention to occupational safety, health and the environment.
Our Quality Policy has been formulated with the direct participation of the management, which ensures its understanding and adaptation to the appropriate levels of the organization.

I oblige all employees of the company to make every effort to implement the Quality Policy and the quality objectives based on it, the performance of which will be systematically supervised during internal audits and management reviews.

Management Board