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DOLFOS is a Polish manufacturer of premixes, complementary feed and milk replacers for animals. We have been active on the feed market for many years, offering you high quality products elaborated in participation with nutrition specialists, veterinary doctors and technologists.

On the market we compete with many companies, mostly foreign, and we try to convince you to cooperate with us by the product quality, our reliability and flexibility.

The products we offer are made from the best available raw materials, guaranteeing their maximum absorption: protected vitamins, macro- and microelements in inorganic and organic forms, amino acids, enzymes, extracts and probiotics.

Production takes place in plants equipped with modern production lines. Our professional staff takes care of quality through the quality control systems VLOG, GMP+ and specialized computer software. We are not a huge corporation - thanks to which the management is efficient, we are flexible and responsive to the needs of our customers.

Thanks to these factors, the demand for our products is dynamically increasing and for many breeders DOLFOS is a synonym of solved nutritional problems and improved cost-efficiency. Our products become more and more popular abroad.

On our website you can get familiar with our products which are essential elements of an efficient animal breeding. Please feel free to analyze sample formulations with DOLFOS products and contact us nutrition specialists.

Chairman of the board
Adam Piotrowicz