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Dolmix Rumen Activator

Complementary feed for dairy cows, in particular during delivery period.

Additional Info

  • Properties: Dolmix Rumen Activator is a formula based on sugars, milk products, dry molasses and live yeast. Increases the population of saccharolytic bacteria by increasing the level of rumen propionates used in the process of gluconeogenesis in the liver for glucose biosynthesis. Accelerates the multiplication of rumen microflora.
    Increases feed intake and improves nutrient utilization and effective fermentation processes in the rumen.
    Reduces the likelihood of ketosis and displacement of the abomasum.
  • How to apply: Administration:
    • dry period: 30-50 g/head/day
    • after calving: 50-100 g/head/day
  • Content of a package:

    1 kg, 10 kg, 20 kg